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Cape Falcon Kayak

Acid Dye Pack, Custom Colors

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Each dye pack contains the pre-measured dye for one boat. We recommend that people building large canoes or double kayaks purchase two dye packs.

We use acid dyes and rare earth pigments to color our skin-on-frame boats. The advantage to acid dye is that it creates vibrant, saturated colors. The disadvantage is that it is not compatible with all cloths, and the colors will fade over time. Lighter colors are more colorfast and darker colors age more roughly.

An alternate method of coloring is to use earth pigments directly in the polyurethane.  See our color video for a more detailed discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each system.

The color chart shows the custom color mixes we have for sale. The left side is the initial color, and the right side shows the same color after approximately 1000 hours of summer sunlight exposure. 

To apply, mix no more than 4 level teaspoons (one packet) of dye into a boiling mixture of 5 cups water and 2 cups of white vinegar and rapidly paint onto the skin, working from the bottom up with a foam brush. Do not over-apply and immediately wipe off the excess with a dry towel. See full application instructions in our kayak and canoe building courses. Do not use on polyester or the "Primo" nylon sold by

Russet & Chestnut fade heavily and are recommended for mixing only.

Note: The colors below are photographs of the actual color mix on nylon coated with polyurethane, but due to variation in monitor color displays or application technique, we cannot guarantee accuracy. Select a color to enlarge images.