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Cape Falcon Kayak

Earth Pigment

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Each color pack contains 6 level teaspoons of pigment. We do not recommend adding any more than 4 teaspoons of pigment to the 32 oz of the part B of the Spirit Line urethane, so one pack is enough to color 1 1/2 orders of the urethane which is sufficient for most of our kayaks and solo canoes. Unless a lighter tint is desired, we recommend ordering 2 pigment packs if you are building a tandem kayak or canoe.  

Earth Pigments are mixed directly into the polyurethane to color the kayak or canoe.  They are more UV-resistant and colorfast than acid dye and are compatible with all cloth types, but can be harder to apply evenly in the darker colors. 

Make sure to watch our color videos here for a detailed discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of acid dye vs earth pigment.  

The swatches show each color applied at full strength, lighter tints can be achieved by adding less pigment into the polyurethane. The left side or each swatch represents the color when first applied, all colors will warm over time with the natural yellowing of the polyurethane as it is exposed to UV. The right side shows the same color after approximately 1000 hours of summer sunlight exposure.

To apply, combine ALL of the Part B of the 2 part polyurethane that you will be using on your boat. Add a small amount of pigment to the Part B ONLY. Mix thoroughly with a drill mixer with a paint paddle (looks like a propeller) NOT a squirrel cage mixer. To test color, dip in a scrap of fabric and let drip for a 3 seconds, the color you see will be similar to the finished result. Continue to add pigment to achieve desired color richness. Let sit overnight and mix again immediately before coating, and mix again before each new batch to ensure the color does not settle to the bottom. Follow the coating application instructions in our video courses carefully for best color results.

Note: The colors shown are photographs of the actual color mix on nylon coated with polyurethane, but due to variation in monitor color displays or application technique, we cannot guarantee accuracy. Any splotchiness has to do with the limitations of creating small swatches and isn't representative of the application on a boat. Select a color to enlarge images.